Bloomington Cat Care

Bartonville Cat Care

We know that cats, though independent, still need our help to have optimal healthy lives. At Limestone Companion Animal Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois we focus on helping owners keep their cats healthy and living a happy life. Unlike dogs, cats have a tendency to try and hide their illnesses or injuries. This is the reason regular wellness visits are so important for your feline family member. Similar to dogs, cats like to be adventurous. Microchipping is a reliable way to reunite you and your feline friend if they get a bit too curious and wander off.

From kittens to senior cats we know how to care for them and assist you in providing them with an optimal healthy life. Spaying or neutering cats increases their life expectancy and prevents additional kittens without someone to care for them. Whether your cat is outdoors or indoors they will need regular vaccines and a healthy diet.

Cats are at risk for feline urinary tract infections, eye conditions, vomiting and diarrhea, and parasites like fleas and tapeworms; regular check ups allow us to ensure your cat is healthy.